I found you too



I searched for you in the far east

where the sun makes its appearance first thing in the morning

In the west where the moon says goodnight

where sparkling diamonds smile back at the milky way

Sadly I found just emptiness

Convincing myself that I was happy enough

that the moonlight would fill my life with love

At its reflexion I starred – Alone.

I followed the northern star

It is said that when you follow it you won’t get lost

infect you would find what you’re looking for

still I was lost, trapped inside myself.

The only place left to search for you was south

dessert winds was hurting my eyes

snakes were everywhere and nights lonely and cold.

Yet I was determined to find you.

On earth you’re certainly not.

I searched all four corners standing in the middle

I looked above me and the man in the moon was smiling.

Spreading my wings flying to search through the stars

on Mars I searched even on Venus.

Beyond that I went, there seemed to be no heaven

space was empty, lifeless, emotionless.

I still did not loose hope – searching.

In space you weren’t neither on planet earth.

In the middle of no-where I stood tall

wondering what I was really looking for

and I came to the conclusion that it was you.

You were standing before me – looking into my eyes

also searching for the same thing as me.

When you opened your mouth I knew what you’d say,

but I let you say it anyway with true meaning in your eyes.

You said: “I found love and that is you.”

And I replied with tears in my heart

“I found you too.”




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