Unspoken heart



The heart’s the organ of a life

a part to hold on for a wife.

Emotion show not everyday

Unspoken heart will hide away.

A smile, a laugh to hide behind.

It all be done by human mind.

Soft words be spoken day be day.

Harsh words to hide quite far away.

The hearts to know what’s real – what’s not.

Unspoken hearts tied in a knot.

What’s to be done to truly smile

to walk away or run a mile?

You answer me – the one who knows.

If anyone could find this out.

Unspoken heart could break or shout.

Theirs only one part to untie

the part that’s hidden by a lie.


2 thoughts on “Unspoken heart

  1. Reblogged this on jlgordonlb and commented:
    i read the words of this poet. feeling the emotion behind every single word of every single line. i feel the ache, the sorrow along with the perks and the bright sides…..the words are not just words thrown together. thought out of thin air for something to do in spare time to kill time. its emotion brought forth by an event in life and the unspoken heart speaks on paper…… i feel you….. truly

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