Drifting apart




The first girls in her early twenties,

the second one’s eighteen.

In their minds are different thoughts

cause the latter is a queen:

Upon their heads are similar faces

that covers total opposite places.


The hardest fall has come upon them

since I first made my count;

I saw before my very eyes

how the girls heard a quiet sound

and that is were their paths had crossed

upon their ways to their own lost.


I have looked upon these similar girls,

and now my hearts in pain.

All’s changed since they heard their voices

the last time in the rain.

The chattering – beat of their hearts,

the hearts that fell apart.


Unwearied still, twenty by eighteen.

Their souls are in the cold.

Companionable they’ll never by

their hearts are much too cold.

Friendship or sisters, wonder what they will

hatreds upon them sill.


But now they’ve drift too far apart

Quiet, mysteriously:

Among what drives them further away

is a thirty five year old mysteriously

doing what he thinks is best.

Is it for the first girl or his own quest?


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