Just being regular




When everyone is living regular teenage lives

doing what is to be done like going to parties,

kissing whomever they want,

sleeping with whomever is willing

and to drink papsak and smoke dagga…

It must be said that normal is good,

fun while being part of youth.



it is hearing the cry of an infant,

having to feed it – it belongs to you!

Clothing it…learning to love it

even though it wasn’t suppose to be BORN.


It’s normal to sit in jail-

for being drunk, raping and killing another.


Wanting to be with the crowd

playing “follow the leader.”

Which one if there are so many?

Marijuana? She sure is sexy,

beautiful and takes you to places you’ve never been.


Regular is something to follow.

Just a pity it lasts only

a night of pleasure

and a life time of regret


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