Sweet kiss




A stranger to ride the way I’ve decide.

To climb on the bus and away I did hide

To eye me all day is the way that he chose.

And to me its not strange – it’s the way my life goes.

Later to sit even closer to me

He’d like to be near because that I can see

A surprise question hit me after he asked

can I sit beside you? His ways I unmasked.

A kiss he sure wanted before we depart.

This strangers a package not meant for my heart.

I dreamed of a stranger not quite this way,

but surely Ill meet mine some other day.

I got my sweet kiss on the right time.

Hope he got his on the time of the mime.

Slowly but surely my dream he fulfilled.

Just till the morning when coffee was spilled.

Goodbye he said with a smile on his face.

Just one last kiss and away with his case.


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