I’m fooling myself to think

that I shall ever find love.

Just the thought makes me laugh.

From my stomach I can feel it

coming through my through

and tears flow from my eyes.


It’s foolish to think about it

‘cause I can’t even love my sister,

born from my mother…

half part of me.

If only I could rip out

the part of me that bares emotion.


My heart and mind differ.

An organ I wish to vanish

so I can be the real


with no love for anyone

or anything.


The little “love” I had left

I lost on a person

who has no interest in me.

I hoped that I could control

this organ of emotion

and be different.


But no, I’m to foolish

to even think that I could

actually find love.

That will never be a part of me

because I know I’m destined

to be emotionless…


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