I am who I believe I am




I’ve had many friends in my lifetime.

As a matter of fact I can count them

on my finger tips.

Friends I’ve loved for who they were –

no pretenders.

Friends that left footprints in my heart.

From far back when I was young

I had best friends closer then family.

We shared everything…

even our darkest secrets

that not even family knows about.

Now I’ve turned into a solitary person

that laughs a lot, but laughter is a part

of a curse for lots of things…

a shadow to hide behind

to show happiness and no



I hoped you could be my friend – best friend

even though you’re still so young.

People might gossip and say:

“What does such an old girl do with such a young child?”

…but despite them, I know who I am.

I am who I believe I am

and I’d like to be you pal…


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