Outcasted beauty




I’ve tried to fit in with the cool kids

with the popular once with their luxury lives,

driving their cars with their fancy hairstyles,

but fitting with them was a nightmare begin…

My age I did try to mix with the girls

homies they said till my back I once turned

boys were their subject each day after day

nights they went out to get laid in the streets

sex as a hobby for many of them

reputations were made with names down the drain

home boys my friends who loved me for me

rumours began that I played each of them

still I had tried to fit in quite hard

no-one had pleased me at all at that time

drinking and smoking was sure not my style

and girls only gossiped while boys did the same…

God was a answer but that didn’t last

prayers weren’t answered and love not my way

Christians did worse things in darkness I say

and satan to scary to worship in May.

Alone and quite lonely I said to myself:

“An outstanding young woman I’ll always be.”

With no true bright future I starred at for long.

Outcasting beauty till the day I’ll lay cold.


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