If dreams were dreams

and dreams could come true.

I wouldn’t be here

I’d be next to you.

Distance is one thing

that may keep us apart,

but you’ll always remain here

deep in my heart.


19 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. HI Yolanda, I like that poem, it’s short and beautiful and captures what it is like at times when in a long distance relationship. Thanks for the “like” re: my poem “We Want’……blessings to you!…..Kim

      • That is wonderful. May the love that you share and the commitment that you showed to each other over the years grow stronger and stronger…….Blessings!…Kim

  2. the sense of the possible predominates. underscored by the recurrence of the word if in many of the works. in the piece dream you run into the old school lyrics of the Everly Brothers – dream dream dream

    • What do you mean by “underscored by the recurrence of the word”? The poem I wrote to my boyfriend at that time and we had a long distance relationship it has nothing to do with Everly brothers song dreams, but criticism well taken.

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