Tears of rain


My footsteps will follow the path

that has been laid before me

before my time you already

cleared the obstacles I could never carry.

The burdens that haunt my mind

seem so little compared to

what you have in store for me.

With your tears you cleanse

my sin and wash my dust away.

I walk this path you made for me

and make your tears my own.

With dripping clothes

I still walk on and listen

to you tears of rain.






If I could run back in time

and make a better choice

I wouldn`t let them take you

I`d hold on and make you stay.


You know that I still love

and you know I always will

I will never forget those changes

those signs that said I`m here.


Your body was still forming

yet your heartbeat was so strong

how I wish that I can hold you

and protect you on my own.


It`s almost three years since your heartbeat stopped

and I still cannot forget

I miss you and I love you

and that day I do regret.





Explain to me this horror dream

I have each day

which begins like a sunflower in a way

but ends in thick bitter cream.


Whenever the sunflower

wants to open and expose happiness

the forces of evil surrounds it with sadness

and takes away the flowers power.


Just as people take away

the strength of each other

they’ll leave you there for another

time or day.


Rotten people so-called bright

not even half like a peaceful night.