If I could run back in time

and make a better choice

I wouldn`t let them take you

I`d hold on and make you stay.


You know that I still love

and you know I always will

I will never forget those changes

those signs that said I`m here.


Your body was still forming

yet your heartbeat was so strong

how I wish that I can hold you

and protect you on my own.


It`s almost three years since your heartbeat stopped

and I still cannot forget

I miss you and I love you

and that day I do regret.


37 thoughts on “Ectopic

      • Cranux

        I can’t even imagine an adequate explanation, it would be too much like trying to stare into the sun from Mercury. The suggestion of what happened made my heart heavy and my stomach lump for what you or any woman goes through when losing a baby. No, I can’t imagine, and it gives me more respect for the strength of those who can and do.

      • Some people will never understand that feeling and can easily go for aborsion. I wish that aborsion can be banned. No matter how small a baby as long as their is a heartbeat their is a soul as well.

  1. Pawan Hira (awakeningpsyche)

    only you would know how it felt….but you have captured your real heart here…with a sad tune, you poured out your intense emotions…..bravo…:)

  2. Powerful…moving! I read it and was almost didn’t want to make a comment, as i don’t think i have the words to express how deeply i was moved. Well done!!!

  3. Wasn’t it Aquinas who speaks of the way not taken . Looking back , I have never had a life of my own . Nothing I’ve done in the past matters now because If I could turn back time … my life would be unrecognizeable . I wouldn’t even be the same person/ identity/ self image / life history . I would be Helene Tigh and the life I know would have never happened at all , like a bad dream .

  4. Its sombre and understated in its tone and that’s the reason I so much liked it. Departure can be a hard thing to write about and maybe that’s why words seem less able in conveying the same. Maybe you should write a new poem about reacquiring all that you loose and club it together with this one; create a dialectic of sorts I guess. Oh, and thank you for checking my blog out 🙂

  5. Haha no problems. 🙂 I just thought it would have been nice to see how you could interpret the other end of the deal, is all 🙂 but then again to everyone his/her own ideas. Tc.

  6. Moving. Having known some dear friends who have lost children, I was compelled by this poem to revisit what it was like to see their sorrow and suffering in the event. It doesn’t matter how it happens, only that this precious life is no longer yours to cherish on earth. My heart goes out to you. A poem of great sorrow, and yet grace in its openness . . .

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