Console my fear of your nonexistence and
Embrace me like your techno escape from
Love existing in my eyes you rarely notice
Lay down with me under velvet skies and
Play me like the keys you know so well.
Hold me, whisper to me those gentle words that
Opened your cyber craving til dawn ’cause
No-one can keep me warm except the
Echoes I hear of our yesterdays.


22 thoughts on “I WANT TO BE YOUR…

  1. Frankly speaking, this poem makes me curious. Nevertheless, I’d like to share my brief interpretation. 🙂
    “I want to be your…”, the sentence isn’t complete yet. I think you want to be anything you can be for someone that you idolize; however, you haven’t found the appropriate word to represent it. For example, if you say, “I wanna be your sun”, it won’t be enough as you wanna be more than a sun. Thus, you left an open space after ‘your’.

  2. Wow… I love your blog! The way it looks like, what is has. And believe me, I am very specific when it comes to liking the appearance of blogs, even when it comes to mine! Great job (:

  3. thabo

    This blog was recommended to me by my PA. I think i must find ways to increase her level.I am not lonely anymore. I like poems and i write them too.watch the space

  4. Thank you for dropping by my blog SlyVioletFlower. I read through your posts and this one struck a chord. Living between the commas can get lonely, but it is there some of us find solace. Keep writing…

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