Is it just me??


Just a question how do you feel when your writing poetry?


23 thoughts on “Is it just me??

  1. Hm.. It’s more like I’m writing poetry because I am feeling something – whether it is sadness, happiness, whatever, rather than feeling something because I’m writing poetry, you know what I mean? But if it has a sad content, I usually feel relieved after I write them, because I was basically pouring my heart out, so.. I don’t know; how do you feel?

  2. jimmygursky

    Always feels like I’m in another realm where the soul is free to float around.. Sometimes in darkness, sometimes in the light.. Drugged with all those words..

  3. There are the three phases and three feels :

    Phase I : The “thinking” phase where you try to go into the trance emotionally and physically. This is the most difficult as it requires absolute connection with what you want to write.

    Phase II : The “modeling” phase where you weigh the emotions and look for the correct words to do justice with the emotions of the topic. Drains you out !!!

    Phase III : The “self critique” phase which comes after the completion of the poem. You would never be satisfied and would feel a void even after the job is done.

    (sorry, WP spammed my previous comment !!)

  4. Hope you don’t mind if I share my experience!

    There is no one way I feel when I’m writing poetry. Whatever various emotion I’m feeling at the time usually unfolds itself onto the page.

    But… There tends to be a “zone” I get into, for lack of a better word – where I feel like I’m channelling something from an external source (not God, but creativity I would surmise?), and when I get into that zone I can write much more easily. When I am not in that zone and try to write (poetry), it’s much harder and the poems are usually much less effective and meaningful.

  5. Richard Wiseman

    Whenever I write anything I’m in that channelling zone you described. I suppose i enter that channelling zone when I sit down to write, as if it’s a habit; I don’t really feel anything that I can recognise and I suppose I don’t think consciously, either for poetry or prose, I just open my mind and out the stuff comes. I can’t usually type fast enough. However I then think and feel when I’m editing and it’s then that my emotions and imagination are more heightened than usual. It’s an odd contradiction of states, neither of which relate to everyday life and both of which can be ‘entered’ at will.

  6. Looking at my writing, I seem to jump between three emotions. Loving (toward family, I tend not to write about the “other” kind…..hmmm….wonder why.); Sadness, and Piss-offedness. Interesting, thanks for asking, you’ve made me realize that I need to branch out a bit! πŸ™‚

  7. I know the test is over .. But can I answer this one ?…
    The idea comes unprovoked … Anytime anywhere .. But it seems the more I write the more my readiness, openness and percievibility become hightened … Once the idea comes .. I have to pour it in uninterrupted and immediately … The last part is the easiest .. Just word juggling for best fit … And what a joy , what a relief ….

  8. Writing poetry for me comes naturally. I write poetry sometimes because I want to write a poem, sometimes because I have something I want to write about, and sometimes because I can just feel it, that if I sit down and try to write right now, it’s going to be good. A lot of times, it’s a mix of the three.
    As for how I feel when I’m writing a poem, it’s a very complicated thing, as I’m sure you know. Sometimes it’s hard and I have to work to get the words to come out the way I want them to. And then other times, they just kinda flow out effortlessly. I like that way better, just the way it feels when they pour out. Almost….cleansing. Like a breath of fresh air. Especially if I’m angry or sad. Just seeing my emotions written out in front of me clears my head and makes it easier to think. And of course, once I finish a poem, there’s that satisfactory feeling.
    But no matter what I’m writing about or how I’m doing it, it always feels like home. Like I know that this is where I’ll always belong, sitting in front of the keyboard, pounding away to get my words on paper, because I need to share them, whether people read them or not. Writing poetry feels like home.
    Wow, I just realized how long this was. Hope it’s what you were looking for. πŸ™‚

  9. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    most of the time I think I am writing from emotion
    that if I don’t set it to words I will implode…
    I have never understood why I write
    I just do…the wind whispers, I seem to write
    good question
    Take Care,…

  10. a1b2c3d414

    When I write I’m usually sad and not that happy with my life right then and there and I start to write then edit then write some more and when its done I read it over many times. I feel a little better, because that’s how I let my sadness out.

  11. Generally, I can’t fight that urge to write. A friend said : A poet doesn’t invent, he listens. And if I don’t listen, it’s often less accurate or less true. Which is painful. The process is first emotional, then one word or a sentence comes, then I have to write. Might be a cosmic thing – I like to see it that way. I feel sad or extatic or angry or everything at once…anyway, it’s got to be put down in words. As hard as it is !

  12. I used to write what I feel, and still do from time to time, but i have mostly tried to detach myself from emotion seen as i feel pretty consistent most of the time, and to be more original i have to distance myself from my same old emotions. I write more with my head than my heart these days, and i find it quite liberating.

  13. I sometimes feel physically that my body gets hot.Sometimes I literally feel the rush of adrenalin coursing through.

    At other times I feel one emotion (depends on the mood I want to convey in the poem) overriding all other emotions within me.

    Sometimes I feel so powerful
    Most of the time,I feel fulfilled πŸ™‚

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