Barren land of love


I have found and lost you
Among the years we once called love
Where memories lay your hand in mine
And mine upon your heart.

My decade gone with you in it
Along we played our parts
That silenced heart and mouth and mind
Which keeps us now apart.

My soul do yearn to seek in you
That once so tender touch
So forward barefoot follow in
Your barren land of love.


68 thoughts on “Barren land of love

  1. Thank you for visiting and “liking” To Ad or not to Ad”. I liked your poema swell. It reminds me a little of my previous entry, “The Economics of Love”, also about love gone by.
    I hope you have a better, longer lasting love in your future.

  2. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words

    words that feel familiar….
    I have thought them often…
    you have made a sadness beautiful
    Thank you
    Take Care..

  3. The only sticking point for me was ‘my soul do yearn”. I had to re-read it twice and wondered if the tense was correct. I only pointed it out because I enjoyed it so much! The last stanza especially.

  4. very beautiful and a well composed prose … a hint of resignation lamenting through the verse yet seeking a bit of hope … i really enjoyed it. If you do not mind I will reblog this.

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