Advice please


Can anyone tell me where or which site can I get paid for writing poems? I hear there are a few sites, but I don’t now where to look or any site where I can publish a book or e-book.


5 thoughts on “Advice please

  1. I likewise had this interest as I just post for fun. I know one of the bloggers that is an author, she pointed me to Winter Goose Publishing as they periodically take submissions. I am not sure if they are still open, but it is on resource. I haven’t tried any others yet and haven’t heard back on my first attempt yet, they said it might take a couple of months…..

  2. Your best bet to get paid for publishing poetry is either a) get a lot of pieces published in reputable magazines and journals until you find somewhere willing to pay for your pieces or b) self-publish a book somewhere and see if you can sell it. There are a few self-publishing websites, Lulu is the most well-known I think. It’s not easy though, poetry is not a commercial enterprise! Best of luck.

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