I never understood
Why did you stay
When words flow
Knives would’ve hurt
Much less.

Never understood
The way you
Wanted him to stay
Held on like
He showed affection.

Never thought
I’d understand
The way you want him
His presence seemed

Thought I’d leave
When I turn to be like you
Our worlds fit
Like a glove.

Turned out
I understand
It’s hope that
Never left.

C/o Yolanda Beukes 10/11/13


These shoes


These are my shoes
They fit me well
They’ve taken me from
Places you’ll never know
When my heart wanted to quit
These shoes
Walked the streets to comfort
They took my anger away
They felt my loneliness
Walked me into more pain
These shoes knew what would
Come before I arrived
For my path has long been decided
And tonight
These shoes took me back
To what I’ve left behind
They returned me to pick up
My peace
My love
My sanity
These shoes fit only my feet
They tell my story
And one day
These shoes will be my witness!!

C/o sly 2/11/2013