Yolanda Leatitia Beukes


All poems are written by Yolanda Leatitia Beukes. Each poem has a story behind it or an experience. It is a way of my expression and my emotion at the time it was written. Author of Violetflower and Pers blom. (copy write protected…sly)


42 thoughts on “Yolanda Leatitia Beukes

      • I have poetry journals. I love them because I still love the feel of a pen in my hand, especially a fountain pen. I make little squiggles and line art while creating a poem, which I don’t do for any of my fiction. Afrikaans- would love to see one of those poems.

      • I also love to write with a pen in hand. You know I feel poetry is a way of expression. Each poem Ive written was either a experience or a feeling at the time. I will
        post a Afrikaans one soon.

  1. Hello Yolanda, thank you for the visit and I’m glad you liked Haiku 06/04/2012 but I still prefer the title Morning Frost I find that easier to remember! I enjoy your poems they have dignity and presence.

  2. angstycrayon

    You’re really talented. Thanks for liking my post on ThruTormentedEyes. I also blog at PoeticCritic.com. I have set myself the hard task of writing reviews in Verse. 🙂

  3. susan dowgiala

    Hi, and thank you for the feedback on Gloom. It’s pretty awesome that people read my stuff.
    Love the multi-colored image of the violet tattoo…beautiful! Makes me smile.

  4. Thank you Yolanda for liking my poem, “The City of One”. It was such a thrill to see that star! Your blog is beautiful, the colors and the words. Thanks once again and God Bless, I hope to see more of you! 🙂

  5. Hey Yolanda! It feels so good to read your poetry! Amazing work, I must say! I’m a newbie to this blogger world! I would be back to follow your good work! Hoping the same from you!


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