Barren land of love


I have found and lost you
Among the years we once called love
Where memories lay your hand in mine
And mine upon your heart.

My decade gone with you in it
Along we played our parts
That silenced heart and mouth and mind
Which keeps us now apart.

My soul do yearn to seek in you
That once so tender touch
So forward barefoot follow in
Your barren land of love.



Violet be these hands
giving only wealth and passion
by Grace bestowed on this
gentle size.
In your month of bloom
and beauty His appearance will
make an ivory sound
Once seen in seasons passed
and paths walked with modesty
hand in hand.
Love lead be delicate
these fragile leaves of wisdom
build this violet spirit strong.
Eccentric in your autumn
born to rise above all mountains.
Through the skies, this hour
this flower, this violet am I.

Silence my enemies


Silence my enemies
In days to come
destroy all my foes,
Let your will be done.

Cut them off
those who afflict my soul.

My days filled with pictures
Nights overwhelmed by
Tears of death.

But death did not near
This doorstep
That awaits me in the morning.

Annihilate all who threaten me
Wipe out those who attack me

Hold me close
Protect me .


There’s a red moon rising


There’s a red moon rising
On the horizon
Stained with love
And true regret
Over power nights
With visions
Of how we always met

This red moon always rising
Makes the visions also clear
Sometimes change it’s color
Makes me wish
You were right here

C/o. Sly 20/05/2014



A reflection eternal
Imprint in the mind
Mirrors reflecting
Review what has last

Past becomes present
Future behind
Lost in the fast track
Determined by choice

A reflection eternal
Decision to make
Starring at mirrors
Choices that break

Turning and twisting
Circle of life
Past a reflection
Eternal is life

C/o 27/03/2014
(Yolanda Leatitia Beukes)

Ill prepared, we met at The Crossroad


Ill prepared, we met at The Crossroad
Crossroads of youth and growing up
Decisions to make
To plan ahead
Ill prepared, we met
We create foundations of illusions
Foundations that crumbled
Too soon
Illprepared we stand
At crossroads
back to back
Staring at the road ahead

C/o 20/2/2014
Yolanda Leatitia Beukes

Twice imperfect


Twice been imperfect
Perfect today
Hold on tomorrow
Today went astray
Heartache to silence
Buried away
Feelings that torture
Yesterday’s play

Twice been imperfect
Perfect today
Learning to move
Memories stay
Burn on the inside
Melodies play
Pictures and paintings
Kept on display

Twice been imperfect
Perfect today
Once versus two times
Twice did it play
Break down and break up
Foundation of clay
Twice been imperfect
Perfect today

C/o 17/02/2014
Yolanda Leatitia Beukes

Do not wait for me


Do not wait for me
At the river
I shall be swimming in the sea
The waves will carry me away
Wait not for me
At the hill tops
The mountains are my home
Eagles are my inspiration
Trees my

C/o 1/2/2014
Yolanda Leatitia Beukes